Jealous of the Bees

Written on: July 15th, 2021

I'm jealous of the bees

The ants and caterpillars in the trees

Cause they don't have a 9-5

Just happily, roaming free

No sense of wrong or right

Just fully living each day and night

Living on their own accord

No TV's, laptops or phones and still, never getting bored

I'm jealous of the bees

Even when they buzz all around me

Because they're just looking for a flower

Something to fulfill their every need

Sometimes I get flattered, because maybe they see it in me

Maybe they know something I don't know

Maybe they know all that I really can achieve

I'm jealous of the bees

Because they know exactly what they came here to do

To pollinate the Earth, don't that sound a lot like my soul's truth?

But why is it so hard to believe

That I can do everything I dream?

Maybe cause the bees

Don't have to worry about what they're gonna eat or finding a place to sleep

I'm jealous of the bees

Because they got everything they need

They even stick together

Build houses and give each other shelter

I'm jealous of the bees

Because sometimes this journey feels like it's just me

And sometimes when you're alone

Finding peace of mind ain't as easy as it seems

I'm jealous of the bees

Because they know they purpose and they live in it

Then there's me, still trynna figure it out

And every other week it seems like I gotta pivot

And you can't quit this game

Nah, once you start it, you gotta live it

Even though sometimes this life feels like it's made for me to fail

I still believe there's a reason cause I damn sure don't believe in hell

I'm jealous of the bees

Because neither do they

When something pisses them off?

They'll give up their whole lives just to sting that ass right away

I'm jealous of the bees

Because they don't even know what I'm saying

When I'm screaming, crying outside, or even when I'm praying

I'm jealous of the bees

Because they're probably laughing at me

Like "Look at how she's thinkin'"

"Don't she know we ain't that much different?"

I wanna be like the bees

Because their history is still in tact

They're not worried about generational curses

Or who signed what life contract

I wanna be like the bees

Because that's not their burden to bear

Their tribes still work together

They'll still know how to share

So instead of being jealous

Maybe I'll take a note from their page

Cause the bees are probably the ancestors

Just trynna show me the way

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