(The Reminder) OYE: The Saga Part III

12:39 pm June 4th, 2021

Dear Amiyah,

You are so protected and divinely loved that you are safe no matter what. You are safe wherever you go and your strength is growing daily. Spiritually and physically, you are making and participating in change all around you. You are reaping the benefits of your work and it is not going unnoticed. So far on the journey, you have been tested on your strength, faith and power. You are not letting anything keep you down or deter you from the path laid out for you. You remain high in spirit and energy and are vibrating at a frequency of attraction and abundance. All these things you ask are coming to you in divine timing. You will be rewarded for your patience and faith. You are being guided by your egun. You are preparing to undergo a metamorphosis that was arranged before your understanding. The assignment for your life is one that requires great discipline and focus. You are obtaining these things and aligning with your true purpose. Keep a pure heart and a clear mind. I love you!



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