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Since our 2020 inception. We have hosted over 100 unique healing sessions with people aged 8 years old to 80 years old. We've facilitated corporate and personal retreats, online meditation sessions as well as interventions for at-risk youth. We also offer private services assisting the deaceased and dying as well as grief counseling for families. Our goal is to destigmatize death, the dying process and grief in the Black community through celebrations of life that help improve overall mental health. We are here to help you connect with yourself, your culture and ancestors to live and die in a liberated and confident way.

Holding Hands

End-of-Life (Death Doula) Care

Online, In-person

Let us help you or a loved one transition to the afterlife. We will handle end-of-life care as well as grief counseling for families. 

Dressed Up

Funeral Services


We provide unique celebration of life services for the deceased that uphold cultural values with the upmost respect. 

Psychic Stones

Ancestral Readings


Our readings will help you connect with your loved ones through meditation and channeling.

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