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About Us

What it means to Step Out Your Estimate 

If someone asked you to guess how much water is in the ocean, what would you say?

It'd be hard to come up with an accurate number right?

That's because water is flowing and it is free.

Humans are made up of mostly water, yet we still limit ourselves in society.

Our world is made up of specifications, approximations, guesstimations and estimates.

Whether it be age, weight or how much money is in the bank, we often find ourselves subjected to being placed within these estimates.


Other people formulate an opinion of us based on what they estimate our lives to be from social media, word of mouth or a version of us they may have known in the past.

Social anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges amplify this phenomena and make it difficult to operate in ones authentic self.


Stepping Out Your Estimate is all about breaking free from the expectations of others and even yourself, to unlock true peace of mind through introspective healing and meditative techniques. 


Our Story

Everybody has a story. Ours started in 2020, when founder Amiyah King began offering free meditation services to those in her hometown. What began as a nice way to connect with nature and have some alone time quickly turned into a renaissance of healing and revival of community through the OYE initiative. Amiyah would set up music and her yoga mat by Hoyt Lake and spend hours meditating in solitude. Being sure to greet the frequent joggers and vendors, Amiyah soon began to realize that others were enticed by her setup and were wanting to join. One Sunday, she stopped at the dollar store before her daily trip to the park and bought a 50 cent poster board that plastered "FREE MEDITATION" across it in permanent marker. This started the revolution that is now OYE.

Soon, dozens of people were joining Amiyah at the park for weekly meditations. The sessions were held every 30 minutes with guests trickling in, stopping by for a quick meditation session and some staying the full 3 hour duration. Now, OYE has hundreds of supporters who have participated in frequent meditation sessions, vending events and more. OYE is expanding as a curriculum of social emotional learning to be unviserally accepted in institutions with vulnerable populations. It is the OYE motive to reach as many people as possible with self discovery, through self.  


We advocate for meditation to be recognized as a universal practice that can be useful in schools, prisons, businesses, etc. OYE is continually developing as a curriculum to be offered in institutions with vulnerable youth populations.



Stepping Out Your Estimate is a movement that welcomes everyone. No matter what journey in life you are on, connecting with yourself is always needed. Our events and meditation sessions are aimed to be fully inclusive, comforting and confidential. 



We offer virtual and in-person meditation sessions to individuals, organizations and companies. During the warm months, we offer free weekly meditation sessions to those in the Buffalo-Niagara region at Hoyt Lake and Niawanda Park. 


Meet Our Brand Ambassadors


Our brand ambassadors were hand selected for their enthusiasm and passion for healing, meditation and commitment to personal growth. Each has a unique background, story and adds something new to the OYE family. Ambassadors completed 8 weeks of daily meditation with The OYE ASE Academy and fully understand what it means to step Out Your Estimate.